Our Team

Shreelekha Mehta

Love of dancing did not clash with love for education. An M.A. of university of Bombay with political science as her special subject Shreelekha is holder of diploma in Mass communication and media. She started her training in classical dance by learning kathakali under the great guru Karunakar Pannikar. During one of the performances coincidentally Smt. Jayalakshmi Alva came to meet the Guruji at the back stage when shreelekha was getting ready and guruji asked Smt. Alva to do Shreelekha’s make up telling shreelekha that if at any time she wanted to learn Bharat Natyam she should go to this lady who is not only a good dancer but an excellent teacher. This was the first meeting of the guru and would be shishya. Today over the years this relationship has come a long way and this bonding is becoming stronger as the years pass by.

She has performed all over India and performed abroad. She has played important roles in the ballets like Chitrmbala kurvanji Krishna Tulabharam, Nritya Govindam, Ramayana, Krishna kirtan, Panchkanya to mention the some.

Three ballets Krishna kirtan, Nritya Govindam and Panchkanya were written and conceptualized by her along with her younger sister Aditi.

She represented the university of Bombay at the inter university youth festival and was instrumental in winning the trophy. She was selected to represent India at the international fair “ Man And His World” held at Montreal.

‘Abhinaya’ is her forte. The rendering of Nava Rasa at the time of her Arangetram, the debut performance is still fresh in the memory of her audience.

Shreedevi Mehta

Shreedevi learnt classical Music under Pandit Neelkanth Abhayankar while in school.At present she is learning under Dr. Preeti Bhatt, a versatile senior vocalist. Shreedevi is a consulting homeopath practicing in Mumbai.

She has won many prizes in elocution competitions and as such her skill in anchoring our programmes is noteworthy. She is part of the group lending her support in capacity of an adviser to the activities of the academy. Sometimes she surprises us and the audience by popping up on the stage and start singing the Padam /bhajan to accompany our item.



Aditi Mehta

Aditi introduced herself to classical dancing by learning Manipuri she also learnt Kathak under the able guidance of none other than Smt. Damyanti Joshi. Soon she joined her Sister Shreelekha under Guru Jayalakhmi Alva and chose to specialize in Bharat Natyam

An M.com from the university of Bombay with international finance as her special subject Aditi stood first in the intercollegiate dance competition. ‘Nritya’ is her forte. Her rendering of Adavus and Jathis make a strong visual impact on her audience. Being a tabla player herself she is known for her love for tala aspect of Bharata Natyam Apart from performing in India and abroad she conducted workshops of Bharat Natyam in Canada along with shreelekha and also conducted Folk dance workshops in India.

She has not only conceptualized dance dramas like Nritya Govindam and Krishna kirtan but a major work of the two sisters came in the form of choreographing and presenting a dance ballet based on Sri Aurobindo’s “savitri” which was presented at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry at the Mother’s centenary celebration. The highlight of this ballet was that it was set to the western classical music.

The latest major composition “Tridev” was specially choreographed and presented in Mangalore as an offering to their Guru Jayalakshmi Alva on her 80th birthday

Both the sisters share their love for sports and has won many trophies at intercollegiate events.