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International Yoga Day

21 st June 2015 was the D-day for yoga practitioners (read yogasana practioners) around the world as the UN declared it as international yoga Day. This recognition by the World body gave our ancient wisdom a special dimension in the area of science, related to body... read more

The Beauty of Himachal

Will be saying goodbye to Himachal Pradesh tomorrow. It was the most refreshing tour. winding narrow roads in the mountains and swirling rivers  in the valley moved with perfect harmony creating  an enchanting choreography. The majestic mountains in the background... read more

“Joy of dancing”

The current buzz in the world or let us say at least in India and USA is event held at Madison Avenue for The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Most of us were glued to the TV sets as News channels showed the event live. What struck me the most was... read more

I Dance, Therefore I am

I believe in dance. Dance as magic.  Dance as exhilaration. Dance as a cure. Dance, as a metaphor for life. Some people dance to vent frustration, Some to de-stress,  Some just to enjoy. But a dancer dances to live. I grew up to a staple diet of dance. When I first... read more