International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

21 st June 2015 was the D-day for yoga practitioners (read yogasana practioners) around the world as the UN declared it as international yoga Day. This recognition by the World body gave our ancient wisdom a special dimension in the area of science, related to body –mind connect.

The world Yoga of course has a wider connotation as it means the union. Read spiritually, it means union of Atma and Paramatma, the Divine. The ‘yoga ‘in modern context is practice of ‘hath yoga ‘,encompassing ‘Asanas or various body postures to achieve maximum fitness of our body and mind.

It is indeed a proud moment for us that today nearly 191 nations are joining this moment, China being one with the highest number of centers. Today thousands of people world over are celebrating this day by gathering in open spaces be it a sea shore ,a park or streets of New York city practicing these wellness methods to bring more vitality, alertness, fitness which ultimately results into destressing the

mind and bring forth the healthier body.

Last year at Anuram Dance Academy (ADA) we had organized a workshop on yoga conducted by one of our senior Students Varsha Bhatia, who is a qualified yoga teacher. The workshop was attended by various age groups. Varsha in her unique style conducted and demonstrated the Asanas explaining in details the benefit of each asana and showing the right way to do it.

On this day I wish more and more people practice the yoga Asanas to maintain better body and mind connect which is a need of the day, when life -style related health problems are on rise.

Lastly by offering our pranamas to Maharshi Patanjali who has opened the doors of this wisdom by giving us precious gift of ‘yoga sutras’ and introduced us to this valuable yogic discipline, While on the subject here is the clip of Varsha ‘s workshop for you to enjoy.

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